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Canadian Sport Institute Atlantic Launches Institute Status With Call For Athlete Input
16 August, 2022

DARTMOUTH, N.S. (CANADA): Parliamentary Secretary Adam van Koeverden met with national team athletes in Atlantic Canada to discuss improvements to the high performance sport system. The conversation took place following the designation announcement of Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic to Canadian Sport Institute Atlantic (CSI Atlantic). 

The appointment signifies the growth of high performance sport opportunities in Atlantic Canada. CSI Atlantic CEO and President, Ken Bagnell says this ascension in status has been a goal of the organization since its inception. 

“Being recognized as CSI Atlantic by our national partners shows the incredible commitment and growth of athletes and coaches   of the region. We have national team athletes from a wide variety of sports now basing their training and being supported in   Atlantic Canada. Joining the other four sport institutes in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec allows us to be an   integral part of the high performance system for Canada,” said CSI Atlantic CEO and President, Ken  Bagnell.   

national team athletes discussing high performance sport system with Parliamentary Secretary Adam van Koeverden
national team athletes discussing high performance sport system with Parliamentary Secretary Adam van Koeverden

“It’s fantastic for the whole country but especially exciting for athletes in Atlantic Canada to see that we continue to upgrade our high-performance sport system. The newly designated Canadian Sport Institute Atlantic will give our athletes an enhanced   training centre experience that will directly contribute to their successes at competitions around the world as they continue making Canada and Canadians proud,” said Adam van Koeverden, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health and to the   Minister of Sport. 

 “In joining the other sport institutes across Canada, CSI Atlantic will support Canada’s best ambassadors and representatives while building an incredible legacy in the Atlantic region. Congratulations on this important step!”

The roundtable discussion was led by members of Team Canada, one of whom was Rugby Canada’s National Women’s 15s player and Nova Scotian, Emma Taylor, who is looking forward to having the services offered to national team athletes in Atlantic Canada amplified. 

“It’s incredible that I am able to share my experiences on the east coast with many of my teammates as these elite training institutes allow our national program to hold camps and international competitions in Halifax,” said Taylor.

Athletes in attendance at the roundtable discussion were able to share experiences and ideas and see a bright future for Canada’s sport system.

“I think it's fantastic to have a Member of Parliament with a background in sport as it often happens that the voices of athletes are heard, but not necessarily understood. I'm hoping that he can help alleviate this pain point while pushing through the Canadian Safe Sport Policy, and aiming to bridge the gap between sport and health in Canada.”

Canadian Sport Institute Atlantic currently provides service to 164 Sport Canada carded athletes, 806 provincial athletes, and 997 coaches across the four Atlantic provinces.