Natalie Lavery
Behind the Podium with Natalie Lavery
17 October, 2023

A natural leader through example, CSI Atlantic’s Finance and Logistics Coordinator Natalie Lavery’s dedication to her work and her colleagues makes her an integral part to CSI Atlantic’s rapidly growing success. 

Graduating with a Commerce Degree with a major in Human Resources and Industrial Relations from Saint Mary’s University, Lavery took time to travel the world before returning home to Halifax, N.S. Lavery held various positions in human resources but had also gained well-rounded experience in administration, bookkeeping, general operations and marketing within these roles. However, Lavery was hungry for more and looking for an opportunity to grow. 

Reflecting on her upbringing, sport was never hard to find, “I grew up playing all sports,” says Lavery, a former Volleyball Nova Scotia athlete and a current spin class instructor, “my family did everything, there wasn’t a sport we didn’t try.” While searching for a new job opportunity she came across a position at CSI Atlantic that was exactly what she was looking for. “I wanted to work in sport and just seeing the job posting, I knew right away I wanted to work here,” says Lavery. 

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lavery assumed her role with CSI Atlantic in December of 2020 and brought a stabilizing force along with her, according to CEO Ken Bagnell. “During that time filled with such uncertainty Natalie added a stability and dependability that really helped, and continues to help, CSI Atlantic mature,” says Bagnell. 

Now, over two years into her role, Lavery has become a cornerstone at CSI Atlantic. “I feel like I’ve grown here, I feel like an integral part of the Institute,” says Lavery. Whether it is her continual push for personal development, genuinely pulling for her colleagues' success or even taking initiative to be a trivia host for a staff retreat, Natalie is committed to the pursuit of excellence. “She is 100 per cent dedicated to the Institute and she wants everyone to be involved,” says Bagnell, “the respect she has for the work she does and also, the respect she has for the people at CSI Atlantic–she is the anchor for us, she is why we are able to do what we do." 

As the Institute continues to expand its horizons to make excellence happen, Lavery has been a staple in its growth. Helping lead the charge with her dedication and her stabilizing force, Lavery’s fingerprints are all over the collaborative success at CSI Atlantic.