Chantal Rochon
Behind the Podium with Chantal Rochon
18 December, 2023

Strategic and driven, CSI Atlantic’s newest Performance Pathways Coordinator Chantal Rochon is determined to help others and make an impact on the future of high-performance sport in New Brunswick. 


Growing up in Newfoundland, Rochon’s upbringing saw her try many different sports and extracurricular activities to find her true passion. “My parents were so open and willing to let me try a lot of things–I am so grateful for their support,” says Rochon. It was in grade seven when Rochon found her sport: basketball. Here, Rochon was met with support and encouragement from coaches that introduced her to the game. Rochon learned quickly as she picked up the sport and would even go on to play basketball in high school.


Following her acceptance to the bachelor of arts program at Memorial University in 2010, Rochon’s career came to a halt as the school’s Corner Brook campus did not have a women’s basketball team. However, that did not stop Rochon. In her second year at Memorial, Rochon, a psychology major, began to advocate within the community and university stakeholders to reinstate the team. Not only was Rochon successful in bringing back the Grenfell Warriors women’s basketball team for their first season in 20 years, but the team is still lacing up, a decade after Rochon helped revive the program. 


After graduating from Memorial, Rochon realized her passion for sport was undeniable and wanted to incorporate it into her career. It was when she found the sport psychology program at Queen’s University in Kingston, O.N. in 2015 that Rochon was able to set this plan in motion. During her time at Queen’s, Rochon was no longer playing basketball competitively, instead she was officiating games to stay close to the sport and has been doing so for almost six years now. Upon graduation from Queen’s in 2018, Rochon began officiating basketball games just days after moving to London, O.N. in 2019 as she took a role as a Lab Manager at Western University. No matter where she is, Rochon entrenches herself within the sports community. 


After her stint in the lab, Rochon headed east for a job that could tie her passions back together. When Rochon found an opportunity at CSI Atlantic, the requirements resonated with her, “it required someone who could hold a leadership position and interact with a lot of people,” says Rochon, “I thought it would be nice to be back on the East Coast and get to work in sport while helping others.” 

Chantal Rochon and her dog Frankie

Rochon made the trip from Ontario and joined the CSI Atlantic team in New Brunswick on March 16, 2023 ready for her next challenge. “I believe that the more challenging the task at hand, the more you will learn,” says Rochon, “try something new and get out of your comfort zone–you can learn so much about yourself.” 


Rochon’s intelligence and insights eased her right into the tight knit team in New Brunswick according to Strength and Conditioning Coach Ken Morrison. “Coming in you could tell she was determined, she’s done a great job of learning the system and has had great ideas,” says Morrison, who has been a fixture at CSI Atlantic for 10 years. From the start her passion and attention to detail has been promising, “she is well organized and has a strong drive,” says Morrison, “it’s clear she wants to make change.”


Rochon is focused on nurturing relationships to generate more interest. “The successes I’ve been having revolve around creating those relationships and gaining that trust,” says Rochon, “everyone is really excited that someone is here to listen to the province's needs in sport and to help these sport organizations in general.” Embracing the road ahead, Rochon is pushing herself to her limits to make an impact. “I want to come up with feasible plans for high performance sport in New Brunswick.” 


Passionate and strategically driven, Rochon’s determination to help others is injecting the high performance sport community in New Brunswick with excitement. As she continues to build mutually beneficial relationships, Rochon is invested in the future and taking the right steps in the pursuit of excellence at CSI Atlantic.